Communicative English for Russian speakers

Survival English
Survival English is the for beginners who want to get acquainted with British and American culture and language. Levels A1- A2. During the course you will get the skills for the most necessary communication in English. You will learn basic English grammar and enrich your vocabulary. We will play out lots of standard communication situations - at the airport, in the hotel, at the restaurant, in a shop.
The most important thing is getting rid of the fear to speak. After completing the course, any everyday situation in the English-speaking community will be an easy thing for you!
Grammar and Vocabulary in Communication
English Grammar and Vocabulary in Communication is the course made specifically for those who want to communicate effectively and efficiently in English. Levels A2-B1. You will develop communication skills, understand grammatical rules and vocabulary through communication. For better understanding of the language you will plunge into the wonderful world of Anglo-Saxon culture.
After completing the course you will easily support any conversation in English.
Business and Professional English
Business and Professional English is the course for those who want to communicate effectively in a professional environment; for those who are already working or aiming to work for foreign companies. Level B1. You will increase your professional vocabulary and improve your grammar. We will speak about and play out maximum of typical situations which can happen in your workplace and help you learn standard communication formulas.
You will master the skills of business communication, as well as learn how to properly represent yourself, talk about your business, talk on the phone and conduct negotiations.
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